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August 21, 2008

Mission Accomplished….Again

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Seen This Before?

Seen This Before?

Just recently in the news it came out that the US has negotiated a potential time table for Iraq, which brings a number of things to mind for myself.

For starters, here’s the story

Obviously the word coming out of Iraq has shifted in the recent monthes to moving in the right direction to proponents of the war now calling it a success and a victory. I’m optimistic based on everything I’ve read and heard that conditions are a lot better, and maybe, just maybe we can leave the Iraqis with a stable country.

I would never go as far as to ever call this war a victory, considering not only the thousands of troop deaths and cost which should be at least a trillion dollars, but the false premises on which the war was originally waged. But obviously hindsight doesn’t do us alot of good right now, and if the US has in fact taken a disastrous war and a broken Iraq, and managed to salvage a functioning Democracy, then I think this is the best we could have hoped for.

I wonder what sort of implications this has for the presidential elections, the prospective time table under the new plan by the administration would begin in June of 09, half a year later than Obama, but a few years earlier than McCain. I do find it fairly ironic that Obama is constantly berated for not supporting the troop surge, a fair point for conservatives to make, but then not given any credit for the fact that his take on when troops should be withdrawn and that Afghanistan is the more important battleground and needs more troops have now been validated. Current events in the “War on Terror” might have swung in favor of McCain with the surge, but have also supported Obama’s call for withdrawl in Iraq as well as moving 2-3 more brigades into Afghanistan.

With the political climate on Iraq shifting again, how will that effect the debates on it this fall? Will Iraq be much of a priority at all for American voters? I actually think low concern for Iraq works favorably for Obama, it’s no secret more Americans think McCain is stronger on national security issues. The more of a backseat those issues take, then the more people will be thinking about the economy. Most polls show Americans trust Obama to handle the economy better than McCain.

Of course, politics are constantly changing, the incident with Russia and Georgia reminded Americans about foreign policy issues, and benefited McCain. Further international turmoil could bring foreign policy issues more front and center by the time November rolls around.


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