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August 23, 2008

O’Malley Poll Better than You Think

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Thats Me!

That's Me!

So an article in the Politicker the other day made Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s poll numbers sound worse than they actually are. Not that I’m O’Malley’s biggest fan, but I am one of the people who would fall under the ‘good job’ category. The article found O’Malley’s ratings to be 6% excellent, 31% good, 29% fair, and 31% poor. So being the logical guy I am, I looked at these numbers for more than two seconds. I decided to do something bold, something daring, something few before me have attempted. Addition! So in an election lets assume the excellent and the good vote for O’Malley, thats 37%. Then, even if only half the people who think he is doing a ‘fair’ job vote for him, he gets 51.5% of the vote. So there’s never a whole lot to take away from a poll in the middle of 2008 and how it might play into the 2010 elections, but if I were the Governor, I’d be feeling pretty safe after that poll. Republicans need to calm down about O’Malley’s approval rating and not get too giddy about the next election just yet.


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