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August 26, 2008

Brought Down The House

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This isn’t going to be a very long post, I just finished watching Michelle Obama deliver what I consider to be a fantastic speech. Sure I know that it was portrayed in a way along with the video of her to make it appeal to mainstream America and the blue collar hard working people, but it was all true. I found it very poised, and very genuine.

I think the media has been far too hard on her trying to to take one mispoken comment by her and make it seem as though that was all there is to her. The purpose of the video and her speech was to show that there was a lot more. If I could pick one thing out of it that i really liked, which I also admire about Barack is that they were both lawyers who could have gone on and made a lot of money for their firms, but they both decided that it was instead more important to give back to their communities and lift them up. I don’t think there is anything elitist at all about that.

I don’t know how the speech was received by the undecided voter sitting at home, and that is what really matters. I do know that it moved me. And I also know that the crowd in the convention was absolutely off the wall, I saw tears coming from some people in the crowd, which gave me a sense of how moving it was to people on the floor. Michelle Obama, you just hit a home run in my book.

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