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August 28, 2008


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Not a long post here, just that I think McCain’s VP will be Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. A lot of conservatives talk about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal as a great young conservative reformer who would be a good VP choice if he had a few more years on him. In my opinion, Tim Pawlenty is a more experienced and older politician who has a similar reputation to Jindal. Pawlenty is in my opinion more of a moderate conservative, and actually fits John McCain’s philosophy on a lot of issues. He’s quite popular in his state, and actually has worked in a bi-partisan fashion to make progress on climate change and renewable energy, one position McCain has in the past bucked the party line on. I think the McCain camp should realize that Pawlenty won’t come across as a “washington insider” since hes a governor, and hes young looking enough that it makes a good contrast to John McCain.

I don’t think the VP will be Kay Baley Hutchinson, or any woman for that matter because of the way McCain aides are answering the question of whether or not they will pick a woman. Their answers have the slightest apology and appeasement to them. People are saying it’s either Romney, Pawlenty, or Tom Ridge. I am saying that I think the VP will be Tim Pawlenty, and also that I think Tim Pawlenty would be a very smart choice. As a Democrat, I would be afraid of a McCain/Pawlenty ticket because of the draw it would have. I think any other ticket would do poorer in the polls. It’s kind of conflicting with me, since although he is a conservative, I like Pawlenty, but I don’t want him on a ticket that could beat us. I like Barack Obama and Joe Biden a lot more.


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