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September 4, 2008

Palin Bashing Community Organizers

Filed under: National Politics — Matt Dernoga @ 10:04 pm

Okay, for the sake of my sanity I’m going to try and make this the last time for awhile that I write about Sarah Palin. This is also about Rudy Guliani. Both mocked the fact that Barack Obama was once a community organizer, which I thought was very offensive and demeaning, even for politics.

I think that those attacks certainly struck a chord with me, considering the fact that I am an activist and have worked with and know many “community organizers”. These are some of the best people in the country, they work long hours for little pay to get people involved and active on the issues that affect them. They raise people up, empower them, fight for them, and most importantly teach people how to fight for themselves. All this even when they are given little to nothing in return.

Without community organizing, there wouldn’t be 40 hour work weeks. Without community organizing African Americans wouldn’t have have the right to vote, and neither would Women. Community organizers take on many forms, whether it be those who work for non-profits, thoses who work for civic groups, or those who work from or within churches. Without these fine people, a lot of the things we take for granted today wouldn’t exist.

I even heard and interesting line from someone that “Jesus was a community organizer”.

Learn to attack people on the issues, not to debase and demean their past accomplishments. I’ve heard very little about the issues during this Republican Convention. I’d like to hear something of substance, even if I disagree with it. The only person I’ve seen who talked about anything relevant was Mitt Romney. You know when Mitt Romney is the best speaker you’ve had to far that there is serious trouble.

Ultimately, one thing community organizers do is they get people to vote. They get people to register to vote. I think it would be most fitting that the very people Sarah Palin and Rudy Guliani are belittling are the people who mobilize enough support in November in the swing states to defeat them on election day. Karma could never top that.


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