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September 6, 2008

Gilchrest Endorsing Kratovil

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So I haven’t yet mentioned a Congressional campaign that I’m involved in here in the state of Maryland. The district is D-1, and it covers all of Maryland’s Eastern Shore as well as some parts of Baltimore County, Harford County, and Anne Arundel county. The district is overall a conservative learning district, it has been represented by Republican Wayne Gilchrest for 18 years, however Gilchrest was very moderate and cast many votes that were against the party line. This may have played into his loss in his primary earlier this year, where he was ousted by a far right-wing State Senator Andy Harris.

Andy Harris as a Congressman would be the worst-nightmare for a lot of people, and likely all of the people he will represent. This man is so far out of touch with reality he makes George Bush look like a moderate. There are a number of votes in the Maryland State Senate that were on common sense issues and bi-partisan bills where only 1 or 2 Senators opposed something, and Andy Harris was one of them. However for myself, the reason Andy Harris needs to not take office is because of his environmental record. The man has a lifetime score of 9% in the State Senate, he voted the wrong way on the environmental 91% of the time!. Andy Harris voted against anything and everything you can think of, whether it’s protecting our Chesapeake Bay, preserving open spaces and refuges, solar grants, renewable electricity standards, emissions standards for power plants and cars, improved fuel economy standards for cars, improved energy efficiency standards. I could go on but my fingers would fall off. Ok, one more, Andy Harris has had a couple million dollars worth of his campaign money come from Club For Growth, a very extreme far right group which pushes tax policies that only benefit the wealthy. Club For Growth basically goes around and tries to knock off Moderate Republicans and elect Uber-Conservative ones. Exactly the kind of partisanship we need in Washington.

Okay so Andy Harris is a load of crap, but who is the alternative? Fortunately voters in the 1st District has a great challenger in Frank Kratovil, a moderate Democrat and Queen Anne’s County Prosecutor who matches up very well with the values of his district. He’s more conservative when it comes to national security, immigration, and crime issues. He’s also been endorsed by the Blue Dog Democrats of Congress, a small group of moderate fiscally conservative Democrats who take their endorsements seriously. However, Kratovil favors Universal Healthcare, he understands we need to restructure our tax code so that the cuts go to the middle class rather than the upper 1%.

When it comes to the environmental and energy issues, Frank Kratovil gets it, he knows that increasing domestic oil production is so moot and that it won’t have a significant effect on the price of gas, and that the minor effect it does have won’t be seen for over a decade. He realizes that it’s therefore not worth the large risk of opening up additional offshore drilling for such a small difference. Frank supports taking the 18 billion dollars in subsidies we’re giving to oil companies(because they’re struggling so much) and devoting those fund to renewable energy. He supports improving the fuel economy standards of our cars as well as funding the tax credits for renewables. Frank also recognizes that climate change is a serious problem, as opposed to Andy Harris who questions whether or not it’s man made, and voted against the Global Warming Solutions Act in 2008.

So it’s real easy for me to say that Frank is a moderate though, but everyone tries to position themselves that way. So then why have two commissioners of two of the counties on the Eastern Shore who are Republicans endorsed Frank? How come some of the county coordinators working on his campaign are registered Republicans? Why have I seen conservative bloggers supporting Kratovil and bashing Harris? Why is a conservative member of the Sierra Club working to get Frank elected? Still not enough for you? What if I told you that Wayne Gilchrest just last Tuesday made a public endorsementof Frank Kratovil? Yes the Wayne Gilchrest who is a Republican and has represented the district since 1990. He’s even now in one of Frank’s campaign commercials right here:

So I will continue to put out updates about this race. It’s an extremely important one. Frank can win in this district in this kind of a year with that kind of an opponent.


  1. Hi there,

    I looked over your blog and it looks really good. Do you ever do link exchanges on your blog roll? If you do, I’d like to exchange links with you.

    Let me know if you’re interested.


    Comment by Stacey Derbinshire — September 6, 2008 @ 8:00 pm | Reply

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