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September 9, 2008


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So I have a short column today in the Diamondback, available online here. I’m just going to make it available on this site, however there were a couple of sentences different from the original column submitted and the one that’s in print, as is to be expected. Small difference, but I think the original ending is a little more effective, so that is posted on this blog. If you’d like to find out more about Powervote, here is the link to their main website PowerVote.

“Over the next couple months, students on campus will be approached in and out of class by fellow green-shirted peers. Never fear, they don’t want your lunch money, and they aren’t trying to sell you car insurance. They’re part of a national youth movement called Power-Vote. They want you to sign a pledge to support politicians of any party in this election cycle who champion policies of clean energy, green job creation from these technologies, and fighting climate change. The goal is to build a youth voting bloc of a million people to help elect politicians who espouse to their ideals, and then hold them accountable once elected.

The issues the Power Vote pledge addresses encompass the greatest challenges facing our country today. Skyrocketing energy prices have strained American pocketbooks and harmed our economy, while our dependence on foreign oil causes 700 billion dollars to leave the country each year. Falling competitiveness in the global economy has led to hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs being shipped overseas. For the first time in 125,000 years, the Northeast and Northwest passages are open, making the North Pole an island that ships can sail around.

The solution to all of these problems is to end our dependence on dirty nonrenewable fuels by investing in a clean energy economy. Killing multiple birds with one stone might not please the bird lovers, but it’d be great for our country. Investing in wind, solar, geothermal, tidal, energy efficiency, the next generation of biofuels, and new advanced technology vehicles will create millions of jobs that can’t be shipped overseas. These sources don’t pollute, they’re infinitely abundant, affordable, and they’re ours.

Most of us will be voting in the national election for the first or second time, and it will be the most important vote we will ever cast. Before you cast that vote, envision yourself later that night, watching the election results delivered to you by an anchor determined to remain impartial as the fate of the world rolls off their lips. Envision the pundits for the right and the left, for the red and the blue, counting feverishly how many seats they’ve gained, or dismissing how many they’ve lost. Do they even know what these numbers count for? Picture yourself looking at the tv, thinking back to earlier that day when you decided. You decided, and countless voices in the not so distant future either cried out in exasperation, or gave a roar of approval. Right then, the booth and the ballot come back into focus, and the question that will follow you one way or another for the rest of your life arises. When all is said and done, at the end of the day, how will you be keeping score?”


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