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September 28, 2008

Obama and McCain Debate

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So I along with many others watched the debate between Obama and McCain and Friday, and I must say that I liked that Isaw. There are just a few observations I would like to make. The first is that in the part of the debate that focused on the economy, Obama fared very well because he mentioned numerous times tax cuts for the middle class, making sure that the average American was getting a fair shot, and quit frankly taxing the rich just sounds better to a lot of Americans right now because people are upset about the “fatcats on wallstreet” that we are bailing out. McCain bogged Obama down a little when it came to earmark spending, that was his one strongsuit, but Obama was able to work his way around that attack numerous times. McCain never mentioned the middle class or made reference to ordinary working Americans. He talked about the capital gains tax, but once again he didn’t specify anything about small businesses, he just called it “the business tax”. Right now people are not in the mood for providing tax breaks to “businesses” which really means corporations. At the end of the day, when it comes to economic policy and economic philosophy, McCain does in fact identify with the very strategy that Bush has applied during his tenure. Try telling people that all we need to do to fix our economic problems is “more of that”.

Then we move onto foreign policy. I felt that Obama held his own here, and this was exactly what he needed to do. McCain constantly tried to belittle Obama, make him seem naive and inexperienced, and unable to protect the country. In my opinion, what has made the polls so close hasn’t been Obama’s ideas or his philosophy, people are drawn to that. However, since he has limited experience on the national stage, voters are wary of his knowledge on foreign policy. By simply demonstrating that he was very coherent and confident when it came to international issues, this shored up a lot of doubt in the undecideds. That alone is what Obama has needed to do, and what he did. Believe me, Obama isn’t losing because people are more drawn to the Republican ticket, right now they want a change to more progressive policies. People are simply afraid of Obama. If he can alleviate that fear, he’ll pull away, and he did a good deal of it with the foreign policy debate.

Over the next few days we’ll see the lasting effect if any from the debate. Today however, it appears things are moving in Obama’s favor. Check out these statistics, where not only is Obama widening his margin in the national polls, but he has a larger percentage of people who think he won the debate.

Now I think that Obama is extraordinarily intelligent, has great judgement, is a good person, and has the right ideas to be President. However, in this election, he only needs to be an average Democrat. He just needs people to trust him more, and he’ll win.


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