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October 17, 2008

Andy Harris Busted

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So this is pretty amusing, in the Congressional race I worked on during the summer, and where I’m still doing some volunteering this fall, a lot has happened. The big news had really been that there have been 2 new polls out in the past few weeks. One of them had Frank Kratovil and Andy Harris tied at 36-36 with 25% undecided. This one was shocking enough, and then a later poll has Kratovil leading 43-41 with 16% undecided. A few more things seem to be indicating that this will come down to the wire. In the 3rd quarter report of $$ raised, Frank Kratovil outraised Andy Harris. Finally, Andy Harris in one of his own speeches admitted that the race was going to be extremely close based on the internal polls his campaign had been conducting.

So Andy Harris must be pretty desperate, because he just did something pretty silly and stupid. In a campaign commercial which attacked Frank Kratovil, and Harris used footage from a previous campaign commercial from back in the primary that he had used to attack Wayne Gilchrest. So the people in this video are actually referring to someone else when they make criticisms, not Frank Kratovil. A number of bloggers caught this, and the Daily Times posted this story recently exposing it:

Quite frankly, I don’t care that much, but it is pretty stupid. So stupid in fact, that anyone who is undecided should question how someone who puts out a commercial with such a display of limited intelligence should represent their district.


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