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December 8, 2008

I Just Got Served—> Kool-aid

My most recent comment about me getting served made me think I was finally getting that long-overdue restraining order, or lemonade…but instead it was a joyful response to one of my columns. Here’s the link to it, and my response to the dude.

column that doesn’t like me

my response is below

Hey Stephen, I just read your response to my column, I just wanted to give you my input here

#1. I actually did use sources, in fact the fact check people at the Diamondback are very rigorous about preventing the columnists from using poor facts and unfounded information, they actually have in the past e-mailed and/or called me to double check what I put, and the sources I cite.

#2. The sources and facts that you use are straight from the PR website of the company building the lines. They're just there to feed you flowers and sunshine.

#3. As I stated in my column, I'm not necessarily opposed to power lines feeding Maryland power, my oppostion is importing coal electricity. I think it's disingenuous for our Governor to talk big about cutting emissions and "going green" and then do that. If we're going to import coal power, then we should be more forthright about the direction we're taking the state. You and I probably have a disagreement about coal power that we can't resolve, but I am not opposed to powerlines importing renewable energy.

#4. There isn't time to add any additional energy sources by the time we're expected to face rolling blackouts, the only way is to employ conservation measures. Unfortunately I only have a limited word count in my column, but I did want to point out that the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant is expected to be done by 2015, so quick deployment of energy efficiency in the short term until that plant comes online in my opinion makes it unnecessary to import coal power. We may have a disagreement over that, but it's certainly not because I'm twisting facts in the wind.

#5. As far as my claim about people being brushed to the side. The reason I ended up having my attention drawn to this issue was because people who lived in West Virginia were e-mailing me and telling me that the public forums you cited were a joke to make it look like they were receptive to public opinion. I actually double checked it as best I could by finding numerous other complaints online from people in WV who had found the way by which they were being ignored troubling. In fact, after I wrote the column last week, I had numerous people from WV e-mail me and tell me I was spot on about this.

#6. You should learn to be more respectful when you respond to something someone else wrote. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bothered by it, when you're as loud and annoying as myself,I put myself out there for that stuff. Still, you should be able to disagree with me without insulting me in the opening paragraph.

Good luck with finals and the rest of the semester, and to countering my columns in the future.


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