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December 10, 2008

New Coal Plant Proposed in Virginia

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Hell No!

Hell No!

There’s a new $4-6 billion coal plant being proposed in Virginia for 2016, and I wanted to draw attention to it. Here’s a link about environmental activists pledging an all-out war against the plant: madness

I really wonder if these boys will ever learn. All out war indeed. Some of this power will go to Maryland too. How about the fact you’re gonna get slapped with a cap and trade? One of the most pathetic statements is by the spokesman for the group supporting the coal plant, stating that it’s okay because they’re going to employ the latest technologies, and are looking to use “clean coal” technology so that the plant is environmentally sensitive. This flies in the face of a few facts I just wanted to bring to light

1. There is no such thing as clean coal yet. Even if there was…well…just read this post and click on the link where I explain why clean coal isn’t viable.

2. It says in the article I linked about the plant that the coal will be burning coal from Appalachia. In other words, the coal will be coming from the very destructive process of mountain top removal.

3. Straight from the article.. “ODEC announced its plans the same week that the Governor’s Commission on Climate Change made final more than 100 recommendations for combat ing global warming in Virginia. Chief among them is reducing greenhouse gases – most notably carbon dioxide – by 80 percent by 2050.”

What are the odds building a coal plant was one of the recommendations?

All out war is putting it lightly.


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