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December 12, 2008

EU Strikes Weak Climate Deal

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So as climate talks continue into 2009, the EU appears to have settled on an agreement for reducing emissions by 20% by 2020. However, it appears that there were very large concessions to Eastern Europe, and that only half of this 20% is actually going to be cut within the EU, and will actually be cut in developing countries from EU efforts. My thoughts on this are obviously that the EU needs to do better. They have offered to do 30% if other countries outside the EU jump on board with the 20% cuts. This would be a more ideal target. However, this framework is still being developed, so I would call all of this tenative until 2009 in Copenhagen. On one hand, I am grateful that the EU is making the strongest efforts of anyone to cut emissions. On the other hand, considering the state of everyone else, this isn’t too hard to do. I’m hopeful that with a new US president providing stronger leadership, pushing a cap and trade bill, and a strong green stimulus that we will inspire other countries to agree to strong cuts, and that the EU will be forced to make stronger cuts than they are right now. Only time will tell though, although I certainly wouldn’t call this a good development.

Here’s the link to the article below..



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