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January 8, 2009

Rosapepe Questioning ICC

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My local State Senator Jim Rosapepe was in this gazette article here questioning building the ICC.  This is very interesting considering the fact that he sounded completely different in this meeting I organized back in November with him on this very issue: see here

Clearly political pressure is getting to Rosapepe, or he’s starting to see the light

In case anyone wants some information on why the ICC is a bad idea, check out these two opinion columns written by myself and a friend


Coal Ash Dumps Unregulated

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Recently, I had a post about a huge coal slurry dam disaster( ) that had taken place in Tennesse.  The New York Times had an excellent article today exposing the fact thatg not only was the coal ash in this one dam unregulated, but that there are hundreds of sites all over the country with the same problems.  The link is posted below.

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