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January 12, 2009

Coal Power Getting More Expensive

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So besides the fact that coal burning is driving global warming and causing giant clean-up messes, it’s also getting more expensive for ratepayers. A good example of this is a plant being constructed in Indiana. Check out the article here.

The important quotes from this article are below

In May, Duke Energy asked the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to approve the Edwardsport plant’s higher cost, saying the project’s estimated cost had risen $365 million to $2.35 billion, largely due to the rising costs of materials and labor.”

Charlotte, N.C.-based Duke Energy expects the cost of building the 630-megawatt plant to result in an 18 percent rate increase for its customers phased in over the next five years.”

It’s also worth noting that this rate increase doesn’t take into account whether nor not the plant will ever be using some for of carbon sequestration technology(“clean coal”), or whether the price of carbon will be increased by Congress when it decides to regulate emissions.

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  1. […] I’ve documented plenty of reasons why coal use needs to be phased out, and “clean coal” is a joke. In case you need a recap…..The coal industry has gotten a lot of much deserved negative press ever since the coal slurry dam disaster that happened a few months ago. This brought to light that, maybe we should regulate our coal ash. Of course, no amount of regulation will ever make ”clean coal” a reality, especially considering that it’s extraction often involves the very destructive mountaintop removal. Oh..and coal is getting more expensive. […]

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