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March 16, 2009

Microsoft Sets Carbon Footprint Goal

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I saw today that Microsoft is setting a goal of reducing its at least 30% per unit of revenue by 2012.  I think this is a very good step, and when you consider that Microsoft has over 90,000 employees in over 100 countries, this is a big footprint that they are taking on.  The company also sees this as a way to save money, which is yet another sign that going green is an economic win for our businesses.  Here’s a notable excerpt from the article…

“Part of this entails expanding the use of its own products, such as its Unified Communications (UC)  tools, which, by the middle of a company-wide deployment, had saved the company more than $90 million in travel expenses. The platform’s 2007 release includes instant messaging, audio, video, web conferencing and enterprise voice, all of which may reduce costs related to travel, commuting, enterprise telephony and office space.”

Here is a blog post by Microsoft’s chief environmental strategist Rob Bernard, talking about his enthusiasm for the new goal:

“Today, Steve announced to all employees that Microsoft has set a goal to reduce its carbon emissions per unit of revenue by at least 30% compared with 2007 levels by 2012. We’ll achieve this goal by improving energy use in our buildings and operations, reducing air travel, and increasing our use of renewable energy. As a technology company, we believe that our footprint goals will be met by leveraging software and technology.”

I’m excited to see more and more technology companies taking on our energy and environmental challenges, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because their businesses can make money off of it.  Right now, the best example in that industry is Google, who has been pushing a national clean energy plan, and has invested tens of millions of dollars in renewable energy start up companies in just 2008 alone.  They see “going green” as a way to improve their bottom line as well.

Ultimately, political will is very important, but our industry and our businesses have to come to the table and work with politicians to pass environmental and energy laws that will benefit society, and grow the economy.  Technology is very important to solving these kinds of problems, so the more engaging these companies are on the issues at hand, the better results we will get.

In future posts, I’ll be sure to cite more major companies and businesses which are going green and making money off it in the process.  Stay tuned!

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