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April 3, 2009

University of Maryland invests in Efficiency

There was an article today in my school newspaper The Diamondback about how the university is already acting on its recently drafted climate action plan to cut emissions even though it hasn’t been finalized.  There is also a press release at the university’s newsdesk website here.  In case you’re interested in reading the climate action plan, you can find it the university’s Office of Sustainability website here.  The notable excerpts are posted below:

“The university will make $20 million in green improvements to nine aging campus buildings by April 2011, officials said Wednesday.
The announcement comes less than a week after a public presentation on the Climate Action Plan, which outlines the university’s efforts to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050. The plan, crafted by 55 administrators, faculty members and students, calls for improvements to batches of about 10 buildings at a time. The final plan is set to be released for public review later this month.”

“Funding for the renovations comes from the state’s Master Equipment Lease-Purchase Program, which offers up to $70 million in loans to state agencies to purchase equipment. Corry said the university will pay back the initial $20 million with the savings the university will reap from decreased utility bills. The university is expected to save $30 million over the next 15 years, according to a news release.”
I just want to note that its a good thing the university understands the importance of conservation and energy efficiency, not just for environmental reasons, but beecause it offers a good return on investment.  Our Climate Action Plan could certainly be stronger, and there have been some mistakes, but crdit should be given where credit is due.  Nice move UMD.

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