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April 6, 2009

Metro Cuts to affect University of Maryland

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the sad state of our Metro....

the sad state of our Metro....

I can’t say I’m surprised that these cuts were coming considering the size of the state’s deficit, and Governor O’Malleys determination to move forward with the InterCounty Connector. I got a press release in my e-mail today about how the Metro cuts are going to affect students at my college, and will make it more difficult for us to be mobile without using a car.  However, in my opinion this is more than just about how myself and fellow students are being impacted by O’Malley’s ridiculous decisions, it should be an outrage to communites all across the state that Metro is being cut.  This is despite the fact that with these tough economic times, mass transit ridership and demand is higher than ever, and gas prices are likely to go back up once the economy recovers.  I’ve never quite understood Governor O’Malley, because he seems to understand global warming, and he understands the need for clean energy, but when it comes to our transportation system and reducing sprawl, I’ve never seen this kind of incompetence on all levels.  Just last week, he announced the creation of a Maryland Clean Energy Center in Montgomery County, but put it in a place where there was no transit access, so now people have to drive to get to the clean energy center.  Good grief!   Below is the press release on these recent cuts by the Transit First! Coalition, as well as a link to a more detailed press release



April 4, 2009
Source: Transit First! Coalition

For information contact:
Ben Ross, 301-706-6826


Proposed cuts in Metro service would have a severe effect on the
University of Maryland campus in College Park, transit advocates
pointed out today.

Metrobus route C8, which runs from College Park Metro to White Flint
via Campus Drive, would run only in rush hour under the proposed
Metro budget.  A rush-hour-only bus is of little use to students, who
rarely follow a 9-to-5 schedule.

Route R3, which runs from Fort Totten to Greenbelt via Adelphi Road
and Metzerott Road, would be canceled entirely.

The Transit First! Coalition, composed of transit rider, environmental,
and labor organizations, has called on Governor Martin O’Malley to
provide the funds needed to avoid drastic service cuts in suburban
Maryland. The group urged the governor to match the additional Metro
funding commitment made by D.C. and local Virginia jurisdictions.  The
Transit First! plan to fill the gap in Metro’s budget and avoid service
cuts is here:

“It makes no sense to cut service when people are driving less and
riding transit more,” said Ben Ross, coalition chair and president of
Action Committee for Transit.  “More transit, not less, is required to
protect our environment and to create a sustainable economic recovery.”

Metro will hold two public hearings on these cuts.  Transit First!
urged transit supporters, especially those who will be directly
affected by these cuts, to attend and speak out.  The hearings will be:
* Monday, April 13, 6:30 pm, at First United Methodist Church, 6201
Belcrest Road, Hyattsville, near Prince George’s Plaza Metro.
* Tuesday, April 14, 6:30 pm, at First Baptist Church of Wheaton,
10914 Georgia Ave., near Wheaton Metro.

Emails opposing the cuts can be sent to Maryland Secretary of
Transportation John Porcari at .

Members of Transit First! are the Action Committee for Transit,
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689, Audubon Naturalist Society, Clean
Water Action, Coalition for Smarter Growth, Greater Greater Washington,
MCGEO—UFCW Local 1994, Prince George’s Advocates for Community-based
Transit, Progressive Maryland, Save Maryland Area Rail Transit.  The
coalition is chaired by Action Committee for Transit president Ben Ross;
vice-chairs are David Alpert, editor of the Greater Greater Washington
blog, and Jason Rylander, Arlington environmental lawyer and transit


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