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April 23, 2009

Catholics and Climate

Ordinarily, we don’t think of religion and global warming solutions mixing all that well.  However, I’ve noticed in recent years more and more of a voice from the religious community regarding the moral imperative to stopping catastrophic warming.  I personally just had a meeting with some members of the Saint Andrews Episcopalian Church in College Park last Monday, where we discussed the issue, and them attending the town hall meeting with Congressman and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer which I’m helping to organize.  I’ve also seen in the news recently about how evangelicals, especially younger ones, consider climate change to be an important issue.  

Today, I’m focusing on Catholics.  There is a website called the Catholic Climate Covenant, which is run by the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change.  The CCCC “was launched with the support of both the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the National Religious Partnership for the Environment. The Catholic Coalition on Climate Change supports and complements USCCB’s Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development (formerly, the Department of Social Development and World Peace) and the bishops’ Environmental Justice Program.  The Coalition is a membership organization consisting of twelve national Catholic organizations that offers advice and assistance in implementing its programs.”

The Coalition sends regular updates to its growing database of interested Catholics and others of goodwill to keep them informed of its activities and current events. Find the recent and previous updates from CCCC

They had an Ad  in the New York Times a couple days ago about the need for climage change solutions.  On top of this, the pope mentioned in his Easter message the danger of runaway cliamte change.  On top of all this, they made the video below on their website about the need for adaptation and mitigation funding for the poor who will be disproportionately affected.  This is the explanation on the youtube video’s page…

“After decades of steady progress in reclaiming and advancing the Catholic Churchs efforts to embrace an ethic of environmental stewardship, the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change is ready to launch an unprecedented and historical campaign to take responsibility for our contribution to climate change and do what we do best: be advocates for those who will be left out of the public policy debate on climate change.”


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