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May 10, 2009

Livestream of Steny Hoyer Town Hall Meeting

So I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve blogged A LOT about the Clean Energy Town Hall meeting I’ve had a lead role in organizing.  Congressman Steny Hoyer is also the House Majority Leader, which makes him one of the most powerful men in the country.   He has a big say over what the climate change bill looks like.  The main point is if you live in Maryland, you should to the meeting come if you can(you can find the details in many places in the above link).  If you don’t live in Maryland, well originally I would’ve had to say too bad.  But now, if you can’t make it to this huge event, you can watch it LIVE online at 6:30 pm, Monday May 11!  This might seem standard to some people, but if I can successfully pull off the live feed, this will be the first live broadcast on The Dernogalizer!  If I fail miserably(and it looks like the html is flipping me off), CCAN has a feed as well.  Also, if you’re watching, look for a young guy in a suit holding a microphone in front of people who ask questions.  That would be me.

Live TV : Ustream


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