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May 14, 2009

Here’s A Reality Check

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American Consumer

OK…this post is me jumping on my soapbox. I very rarely do it but I have to get this off my chest.  I am going to say it as plain and simple as possible. I am sick and tired of people complaining about the economy. I am not an expert on the economy. All I know is what the mainstream media is telling me via, news channels, magazines, and the internet. The focus of the news lately has been the horrible state of the economy and the recession. All the talk is about layoffs, bankruptcies, government takeovers, bear markets, retirement savings, etc. 80-90% of us have no business complaining about our economy. I do want to say that I understand that people have been laid off and/or have lost their homes. My heart and condolences do go out to those people. This post is not aimed at you and you actually have a right to complain!

I have seen a few recent articles in business journals and magazines about customers haggling businesses for bargains because they got laid off.  This infuriated me because this speaks immensely to the GIGANTIC sense of entitlement we as Americans have. Hell, our recessions are like most countries wealthy periods! Stop, and think about that for just a second.

We are a nation of massive wealth. What I mean by wealth is almost all of us have homes, clothes, food and cars. Hell we pay for gas to put in those cars no matter what the cost per gallon is. Most of us can buy or rent movies and go out to dinner here and there. Basically, we as Americans and consumers are SPOILED ROTTEN! We are the bratty rich kids of the world.

We don’t have to walk for miles with tubs of water on our heads just to have something to drink. We aren’t crapping in holes in the ground. We don’t have to walk or bike 10 to 20 miles to work every day. We don’t have to care for our entire extended family that all lives in a small apartment or hut away from advanced society. We don’t fear military airstrikes at night, or our kids getting killed by a bomb on a bus, or whether we will be able to eat the next day. We get to have schools for our children, we can choose to shop at stores and buy brand new clothing, and new shoes, and whatever we desire to spend our money on. We get to buy sodas, chips, and junk food without thinking about it. Who are we to haggle? Who are we to complain?

If we can’t afford something or think something is too expensive, then we should shop or go somewhere else that better suits our budgets. I do not feel a damn bit of sympathy for the people who outspent their needs. They knew what they were getting into and they knew that it couldn’t last forever. Those are the ones who have no right to whine about their economic state right now.

The ones that can complain or have a right to complain are the ones who have lost their jobs because of the careless overspending of means by these guilty parties. The people that can complain are the ones who were close to retirement and lost all of their savings because of the people who overspent themselves in the housing market. All the rest, I have no sympathy for and quite frankly need to SHUT UP!

We need to get off this pity attitude we are on, and start re-evaluating our buying decisions.  We need to start being GRATEFUL  for all the amazing things and opportunities each and every one of us has every day. We are exceedingly lucky! So, quit complaining about the economy people, I mean it!


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