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May 19, 2009

Climate Bill Update

I don’t have access to a tv at the moment, but I’d imagine the bill is still being marked up and amended.  On Monday, Waxman told everyone to bring their sleeping bag each day of the week.  Most of this is going to be a waste of time since the Republicans are introducing over 400 amendments to try and drag everything out.  The one notable update I’ve found is an amendment allowing for the creation of a clean energy loan bank, which sounds good.  I think this was Congressman John Dingell’s amendment, although I know that Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen has legislation to establish a similar kind of green bank with $10 billion dollars on hand.  Link is here, and also pasted below.

Greenhouse Gas Bill Moves Forward, Slowly

By David Fahrenthold
The debate over a bill to cap U.S. greenhouse-gas emissions is finally moving in a House committee.

But it isn’t moving fast.

Yesterday, the Energy and Commerce began what will likely be a weeklong markup of the “Waxman-Markey” bill. But they didn’t actually mark anything up: the members gave opening statements for more than two hours, then adjourned.

This morning, the members debated and approved one Democratic amendment — which would create an agency to provide loans and loan guarantees to clean-energy companies.

That took nearly two hours. Afterward, Rep. Joe Barton (R-Tex.) said he worried about the committee’s pace.

“We have over 400 amendments,” said Baron, the committee’s ranking Republican.

**Update 5/19/09**:  Good grief, it’s 11:42 pm and they’re just finishing for the day!  Here’s a bit of a summary


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