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May 25, 2009

Getting Down to Business

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I’ve made some posts before about major businesses getting involved in pushing for strong action on global warming.  There have also been a few other posts on progress made by Microsoft and Wal-Mart.  I think that proactive businesses are a very key component of US and international action on climate change.  A lot of corporations have larger revenues than many countries, are very much involved in the political process, and have the resources to influence negotiations that non-profits do not.  Unfortunately in the past few decades, too many corporations have used these resources to stall action.  If some of them can be engaged and convinced to support global action, that makes the struggle for a treaty easier.  Much of the global economy is powered by consumerism, but if the producers are doing more to ensure that the supply chain has a smaller environmental impact, that makes a big difference.  I just came across an article about Al Gore and UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon meeting in Copenhagen with over 500 business leaders about the need for them to be proactive in the process of negotiating a global climate treaty.  I think it’s a very good thing that these leaders are becoming involved in the process for the right reasons I outlined above.  Hopefully as we move closer towards Copenhagen I’ll have more news like this with greater steps being taken in the right direction by all parties involved.  Notable excerpts below.

“Climate-change heavyweights U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon and Nobel prize winner Al Gore urged more than 500 business leaders on Sunday to lend their corporate muscle to reaching a global deal on reducing greenhouse gases.”

“The three-day World Business Summit on Climate Change is a precursor to the negotiations to determine what will succeed the Kyoto climate treaty that expires in 2012.”

“Xie Zhenhua, vice chairman of China’s national development and reform commission, pledged to play “a positive and a constructive” role to reach a global climate treaty, and already is putting in place its climate plan for 2015 and beyond.”

**Update 5/27/09** At the end of the conference the CEO’s declared their support for a global treaty with specific targets.  Also, here is Ban Ki-Moon’s speech.


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