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May 30, 2009

Russia Shifts Stance

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This was a pretty big deal this week.  Russia has notoriously been indifferent when it’s come to climate change.  When it came to a global treaty in Copenhagen at the end of the year, up till this point they had been completely silent.  No more!

In a dramatic shift, Russia has made a change in its climate policy, now accepting that climate change poses significant risks, and that the need for aggressive mitigation techniques is imminent.  Something about it currently costing them 2 billion a year in GDP.  This should cause a shift in Russia’s approach to energy, and it will make a deal at Copenhagen all the more likely considering Russia is a fairly big polluter that up until now had refused a seat at the table.  This is great timing considering the possibility of a US-China climate deal.  Notable excerpts from the Nature article posted below.

“Russia’s government has quietly made a drastic change to its policy on climate change, accepting that anthropogenic global warming poses severe risks and requires immediate action to limit carbon emissions.”\

“Russia’s diplomatic approach to Copenhagen was until now just one big silence,” says Kristin Jørgensen, who heads the Russian policy group of Bellona, an environmental watchdog based in Oslo that has a network of activists in Russia. “This is a totally surprising move. There were no hearings, no stakeholder discussion, no public debate — just nothing.”

“:Official recognition that anthropogenic climate change is happening and requires action by the government is an almost revolutionary shift in policy, says Anna Korppoo, an expert on Russian climate and energy policies with the Finnish Institute of International Affairs in Helsinki. “For Russia, this new climate doctrine could be comparable in political significance with that of the Stern review on the economics of climate change in Britain,” she says.”\

“The absence of an economic adaptation system to climate change leads to [a] decrease of [Russian] Gross Domestic Product by 2–5%,” he says. “It is absolutely obvious that development of measures for adapting our country’s economy to climate changes must involve every Ministry and Department.”


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