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June 16, 2009

“Happening Now”

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Business as Usual Year 2100 Scenario

Business as Usual Scenario

13 government agencies led by the NOAA have put out a comprehensive report titled “Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States” which spells out a lot of the effects of a changing climate that we face over the next 100 years.  There are different projections based on whether or not emissions continue to rise as they are now, or whether certain degrees of action are taken.  You can find the report here.  The report also breaks down the impact on different regions of the country.  The significance of such a report is that the last serious one to come out was in 2000.  The Bush administation clamped down on any serious in depth national assessments actually being done or released.  The Washington Post has an article out today about this report, and there are some noteworthy lines I want to repeat.

“Harmful effects from global warming are already here and worsening, warns the first climate report from Barack Obama’s presidency in the strongest language on climate change ever to come out of the White House.  “Global warming has already caused more heavy downpours, the rise of temperatures and sea levels, rapidly retreating glaciers and altered river flows, according to the document released Tuesday by the White House science adviser and other top officials.”

“This is not a theoretical thing that will happen 50 years from now. Things are happening now.”

“But it paints a fuller, more cohesive and darker picture of global warming in the United States than previous studies and brief updates during the George W. Bush years. Bush was ultimately forced to issue a draft report last year by a lawsuit, and that document was the basis for this new one.”

“White House science adviser John Holdren said in a statement that the findings make the case for taking action to slow global warming – both by reducing emissions and adapting to the changes that “are no longer avoidable.””

“The report compiles years of scientific research and updates it with new data. It was produced by the interagency U.S. Global Change Research Program, relying on government, academic and research experts.

Here is also a simple yet effective slideshow which depicts some graphs from the report



  1. Wow, no mention of how global temperatures have been flat to slightly down for the past 10 years,
    or that humans contribute about 1% of all Greenhouse Gases (the rest occur naturally)
    or that warmer temperatures save more lives than cooler temperatures.

    Comment by BTN — June 17, 2009 @ 1:53 pm | Reply

    • Yes I’m afraid reports by qualified scientists don’t specialize in propaganda.

      Comment by Matt Dernoga — June 17, 2009 @ 4:44 pm | Reply

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