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June 25, 2009

Action Alert: Vote Tomorrow

In case you’re within striking distance of DC, and you want clean energy and climate change legislation.  If you aren’t call your Congressman.

ACES Floor Vote Mobilization @ 1PM Friday!


We Need More—Pass a STRONG Climate Bill!

At 1 PM Friday, we’re rallying together on the hill across from the Cannon House building. We’re going to pack the galleries, and make our demands visible on every street corner!

This is it – the big vote.  The House of Representatives is deciding whether to vote yes or no on the ACES climate bill, and where are we going to be?  Right in the middle of this debate.

The Plan:
1PM: Converge outside the capitol at 1:00 pm to demonstrate our demand for an even stronger bill. The convergence will be at the South East corner of the Capitol grounds across from the Cannon House office building. (1st St. and Independence Ave NE, near Capitol South Metro stop)

There will be giant green hard hats, wind turbines and more! The more people we have there, the bigger impact we can make. After the brief convergence we will be marching around the capitol with our big visual pieces.

2PM-?: Flood the Halls: Can you stick around for more?  After the rally and march we will be flooding the house office buildings and the galleries in the house chamber with citizens in green shirts and hard hats.  Stay as long as you can.  It’s important that the members see us and hear our message before they go to vote.

We Need More than this ACES bill, and We Need You to join with us tomorrow so this message is heard loud and clear. If you have to take off work to be there, we urge you to do so. Come out for the whole day if you can, or meet us at 1pm for the convergence.

Current co-sponsors: CCAN, Energy Action Coalition,  and members of the Avaaz Action Factory

Wear green!

How can you help us do it?

PS:  RSVP on Facebook:


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