The Dernogalizer

June 28, 2009

President Obama on Climate Bill

Although President Obama was not very public about the house version of the bill, he was heavily involved in the scramble for votes, and made a strong statement about the bill the day before the vote.  I get the sense he’s going to be much more on the offensive now that the bill passed, and is headed to the Senate, which I will blog about later is a minefield entrenched in a war zone.  Obama did a very in depth interview Sunday over the bill, and I encourage all to read it.


Steny Hoyer Remarks on Climate Bill

My representative Steny Hoyer, who is also the House Majority Leader, made these remarks on the Waxman-Markey climate bill that was passed Friday evening.  This video was directed to me as one of the best arguments that took place on the House floor for support.  Although he gave good stances in the clean energy town hall meeting that hosted Hoyer which I helped organize, this is definitely the best I’ve ever heard Steny Hoyer on the need for action.

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