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July 4, 2009

US-Russia Climate Deal Sought

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I wrote a little over a month ago that Russia had significantly shifted its stance on climate change, and wanted to be proactive in doing something about it.  The Guardian reports that in his trip to Russia next week, Obama will seek an agreement with Russia for action on this front.  I think what the Obama Administration is doing here is real smart.  They’ve already been engaging China in a series of negotiations, and having bilateral negotiations with the worlds two largest polluters makes it a lot easier to reach an agreement than solely pursuing a treaty in Copenhagen where you’re trying to get over 100 countries to agree when only a few of them actually matter in the grand scheme of emissions reductions.  Excerpts below.

Barack Obama will move to seal a deal with Russia for joint action onclimate change during his summit in Moscow next week, the Guardian has learned.

Obama arrives in Moscow on Monday at the start of a trip to Russia, Italy and Ghana that will focus heavily on energy and climate change. From Moscow, Obama travels on to Italy for a meeting of the G8 and a gathering of the major polluting countries.”

“The overture to Russia — the third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions after America and China — furthers the strategy adopted by the Obama administration to enter into separate deals for action on climate change with each of the world’s biggest polluters.”

“”If you are trying to put together a baseball team you have to sign contracts with 30 players. You don’t work them out in one big meeting,” he said. “It’s very difficult in the multilateral setting. It is just not the place where it is very easy to get countries to make new moves.””

“The economic potential is huge. A World Bank report last year found that Russia, with reasonable investment, would be able to cut its energy consumption by about 50%or the equivalent of 60 biliion barrels a day of oil over the next three years”.

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