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July 17, 2009

Scientific Consensus Reaffirmed

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I’ve posted before about the scientific consensus that man-made greenhouse gases are driving global warming.  When something really awesome comes to light that reasserts this, it’s nice to put it out there.  Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe likes to try and make up these giant lists of “scientists” which supposedly dispute the idea that global warming is man-made, and in the past they’ve been exposed to have almost no actual climate scientists on them.  The hilarity has struck again, as Get Energy Smart Now has posted about,.  Fortunately, the new list has been exposed by the Center for Inquiry, whose job it is to uphold scientific integrity.  I encourage you to check  it out.  I’ll just post a nice quote of their summary below.

  1. We think it highly unlikely that a growing fraction of top climate scientists are becoming increasingly skeptical of human causation of global warming.
  2. We think that the title “Senate Minority Reprot” is technically appropriate, but grossly understated.  That report’s list does contain the names of some outstanding scientists, … However, when weighted against the much larger number of equally outstanding climate scientists, there is no doubt where the great majority of experts in this field stand.
  3. Absent hard evidence that another likely candidate drives global warming, it is highly unlikely that man-made greenhouse gases do not play a significant and probably a major role in causing global warming.  The authors of this Credibility Project assessment are not qualified to assess the engineering and economic questions associated with proposed legislation addressing climate change. However, we are disturbed by any document that may misrepresent the state of the global scientific effort to address the problem.

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