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August 5, 2009

Updates on International Climate Negotiations Landscape

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There have been a few good developments and newsworthy articles of recent about the ongoing process of more countries indicating support for a global treaty.  We’re also given a better idea of who stands where.  Although all plans and targets(including our own) need to be far stronger, just having a legitimate treaty to strengthen is important as well.

South Korea has a carbon reduction plan: “South Korea pledged for the first time on Tuesday to set a 2020 emissions reduction target, as the OECD’s fastest-growing carbon polluter voluntarily joined richer nations in setting hard goals to roll back climate change.”

Mexico will bring a plan to Copenhagen:  “Mexico aims to put a detailed offer to cut the growth of its own greenhouse gas emissions on the negotiating table at global climate change talks in Copenhagen this year, a senior environmental policymaker said.  “If Mexico can bring a plan for cuts through 2020 to the table with a detailed description of what will be mitigated it would set a positive precedent for the other big emerging economies,” said Adrian Fernandez, the president of the National Ecology Institute, in an interview on Monday.

India joining the treaty is not dead in the water: “Yet there just might be an alternate narrative unfolding here that will play out in the next four months. It could alter the predictable developed-versus-developing-nation script. By several accounts, the talks in Gurgaon before Mr. Ramesh’s turn in front of the cameras were much more cordial and constructive than his public statements have implied and the media’s reaction would suggest.”


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