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August 26, 2009

Swedish Clean Tech Company Comes to Maryland

While the Chamber of Commerce is busy trying to put global warming on trial (also see here), today is a day of good news when it comes to clean energy companies setting up shop in the US because of our increasingly favorable green business climate.  I already wrote earlier today about the NY Times story where wind jobs were outsourced to the US for a change that not only can transitioning to a clean energy economy address global warming, but it does in fact mean a lot of green jobs.

Now I have a story that hits a little closer to home in Maryland, where a Swedish bioenergy company called Swebo Bioenergy International is setting up an office in Annapolis in the fall, and will move production operations there soon thereafter.

“Swebo Bioenergy International, which develops equipment for heating and electricity production using waste fuels, plans to open a Maryland office in the fall and hire three people to begin operations here, said Mattias Lindgren, a Swebo managing director who will head U.S. operations.   Production operations will follow shortly and will result in hiring 15 to 20 more people, Lindgren said in a phone interview fromSweden.”

Those are real green jobs benefiting my state.  Why might they be coming here?

“During the visit, Johansson and the governor met with Sweden’s top clean-tech companies, whose goals are aligned with the state’s pro-environmental policies. O’Malley invited the firms to visit Maryland, and Swebo toured Anne Arundel County and the Eastern Shore earlier this month”

‘Swebo also considered Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts, Lindgren said.”

I wouldn’t call all of our policies pro-environment, we’re pretty terrible when it comes to smart growth, but at least regarding energy we have a strong renewable electricity standard, a recently passed a global warming bill, and the Empower Maryland energy efficiency initiative.  If you’re a clean energy business, Maryland is one of the better states to go to because our these commitments  amongst others.

Interestingly, this business investment and these green jobs are landing in Congressman Frank Kratovil’s district.  Frank Kratovil was one of the blue dog democrats who voted for the American Clean Energy and Security Act, and has been catching a lot of fire for it.  If a Federal climate bill like ACES(preferably stronger) is passed into law, Kratovil’s district is going to see more companies like Swebo provide jobs and add to the tax base.  I think the Kratovil office would be smart to highlight Swebo next election when they have to defend their ACES vote.

I’ll close where I started, with the US Chamber of Commerce thinking they know what’s best for business.  A letter to the editor in the Baltimore Sun said it all.

“Instead of creating hot air over the science of global warming, American businesses need to discover the many benefits of transitioning to a clean energy economy (“U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants public trial before EPA statement on climate change,” Aug. 25). Businesses all around the country should be fighting for incentives for clean energy and energy efficiency in the Senate’s upcoming energy bill, not threatening suit over well-established scientific consensus.

There’s never been a more important time to repower America with clean energy. Businesses can put us back to work manufacturing, selling, installing and servicing wind turbines, solar panels and other sources of clean power. Transitioning to clean energy would not only create jobs, it would help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and save businesses and consumers money. A recent report by the Union of Concerned Scientists found that transitioning to clean energy would cut costs in the Mid-Atlantic region by $1,120 per household annually and save consumers and businesses a total of $36 billion annually in 2030.

In Maryland, investment in renewables can lead the charge toward a revitalized economy and a great monetary savings for businesses and consumers, not to mention reduced carbon emissions. Rather than grasping onto today’s failing energy agenda, businesses should work to pass a strong Senate energy bill that helps them transition to smart, clean energy policies.Shea Kinser, Baltimore The writer is Clean Energy Associate for Environment Maryland”



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