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December 13, 2009

The World Wants a Real Deal

Saturday December 12 was the big worldwide day of action, calling on negotiators in Copenhagen to not only come to a deal, but a real deal.  Hence the name of the rally “The World Wants a Real Deal”.  I myself attended an event in Washington DC on the National Mall where an Ark was built to symbolize “Plan B” if the world fails to agree on a real deal.  The three main unified planks of these rallies is…

1.  Financing: $200 billion dollars in financing for mitigation and adaption for poor countries by 2020

2.  Emissions cuts:  Global emissions must peak by 2015 and decline rapidly after

3.  Binding:  The treaty agreed to in Copenhagen should be legally binding like Kyoto.  A political agreement is not good enough.

Right now, financing is a mess, developed countries are struggling to even come up with $10 billion dollars in short term financing from 2010-2012.  Developing countries want long-term reliability, and great dollar amounts.  There’s also the issue of some of the money being offered by developed countries simply being money redirected as already existing aid.  Emissions targets being offered are not lined up with what is scientifically necessary, let alone a peaking by 2015.  There are some optimistic signs coming from a few of the European countries here, such as the UK and France, which are pushing the EU to commit to 30% below 1990 levels by 2020.  However, both China and the US are falling short.  Other’s such as Canada and Australia would be more useful if they didn’t show up.  There’s also a big fight between countries on making the treaty legally binding, with developed countries pursuing the politically binding track, and developing countries pushing for a legally binding treaty.  It’s tough to predict which one we’ll end up with, the big players on both sides are trading blows.

Check out some great pictures from today’s rallies around the world.


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