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January 7, 2010

Maryland to Consider a Plastic Bag Tax

Filed under: environment,MD Politics — Matt Dernoga @ 9:35 pm

Although I’m unsure what the legislation’s prospects will be, Maryland, as well as Virginia are considering 5 cent plastic bag taxes in order to raise funds to clean up our local waterways, and encourage the usage of reusable bags.  I’m unsure at the moment what the chances of the legislation are of passing, since is failed to pass last year.  There’s a possibility that since DC passed a plastic bag tax last year, there is now a blueprint and adequate momentum to repeat that success in Maryland.  Article in the Washington Examiner is here, notable excerpts are below.

“Maryland and Virginia lawmakers say they will push for 5-cent fees on disposable paper and plastic bags at stores, after the District this month became the first major city in the nation to impose such a fee.”

“The proposals follow a new D.C. law that that charges 5 cents for disposable bags. Funds from that fee will go toward cleaning up the Anacostia River. Shoppers can skip the fee by bringing their own bags or not using any at all. Stores may offer a 5-cent credit on a customer’s bill for every bag brought.”

“Both delegates introduced similar legislation last year, but the District’s precedent makes the proposals more likely to pass this year, Carr said. The proposal will be introduced in the Maryland Senate by Sen. Jamie Raskin, D-Montgomery, he added.”


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