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April 6, 2010

Congressman Collin Peterson is Biofool of the Year

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This was done by Friends of the Earth!

press release

Congressman recognized for to giving billions in subsidies to dirty and inefficient biofuel companies

Washington, D.C. Congressman Collin Peterson, chairman of the powerful House Agriculture Committee, prevailed against tough competition to receive Friends of the Earth’s annual Biofool of the Year award, which was delivered to his office on Monday.

With almost 2,300 votes, Chairman Peterson was the clear winner amongst the five nominees. His past Biofoolery includes: demanding that the EPA stop factoring deforestation into environmental impact assessments of biofuels, trying to exempt dirty biofuels from key global warming standards, and trying to open forests and natural areas for biofuels exploitation.

Friends of the Earth Energy Policy Campaigner Kate McMahon had the following comment:

“It is no surprise that Rep. Peterson won the Biofool of the Year award.Over the past year, he has consistently attacked safeguards against pollution from biofuels despite overwhelming evidence that today’s biofuels are bad for the environment and contribute to food insecurity.”

Peterson is currently co-sponsoring H.R. 4940, which extends billions of dollars in tax credits to oil companies for conventional corn ethanol production, despite scientific analysis indicating that corn ethanol creates more greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline. Corn ethanol also contributes to water pollution, habitat destruction, soil erosion and health issues from pesticide and herbicide use.

Friends of the Earth President Erich Pica joined McMahon to present Congressman Peterson with a certificate, a congratulatory petition signed by over 700 people, and a celebratory can of corn. A video of the presentation is available at:

Friends of the Earth’s annual Biofool of the Year Award was established to recognize leaders that promote dirty biofuels. The 2009 winner was Hugh Grant of Monsanto.


  1. Too bad, I think he’s a hero for his support of ethanol. A product many consider environmentally friendly and good for the economy.

    Comment by Michael — April 6, 2010 @ 8:07 pm | Reply

    • Only those drinking the Ethanol 🙂

      Here’s a good article explaining the issues, and an excerpt:

      “Burning fuel made from corn initially seemed attractive, since it simply put into the air the same carbon dioxide the growing plants had absorbed. But researchers began to look at the other energy required to grow corn: large amounts of nitrogen added to the soil, regular irrigation in some parts of the country, and mechanical tending to prepare the land, plant the crop, harvest and process it. They also concluded that using corn for fuel instead of food results in land being cleared somewhere else in the world to grow the missing food. And clearing forest or unused land releases huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.
      David Tilman, professor of ecology at the University of Minnesota, did some basic arithmetic in 2006 to point out that using the entire crop of U.S. corn for ethanol would only replace 12 percent of our gasoline. A year later, he and others concluded clearing land for corn or biofuels creates a “biofuel carbon debt” many times worse than using fossil fuels.”

      Comment by Matt Dernoga — April 6, 2010 @ 8:11 pm | Reply

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