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April 9, 2010

Want to Save Metro? Contact Governor O’Malley

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Another action alert for Maryland residents.  We need Metro.  I know I need Metro!  Below is an e-mail from the Coalition for Smarter Growth on this issue.  Contact Governor O’Malley!

Ask Governor O’Malley To Save Metro Service

Dear Matt ,

Time is running out – Metro service cuts may soon be a reality.

Our leaders can stop these service cuts by committing more funding to Metro, but despite all of our emails, Maryland is balking at adding additional funding. Time is of the essence because Metro will soon make budget decisions. The proposed service cuts include:

  • Eliminating 8-car trains, even during rush hour
  • Closing the Morgan Boulevard and Cheverly Metro Stations on weekends
  • Slashing bus service throughout the system
  • Closing Metro earlier and opening later
  • Imposing half hour waits between trains during the evening
  • Closing some Metro station entrances on weekends and evenings
  • Ending Yellow line service to National Airport on evenings and weekends

We need your help to stop these drastic cuts. Send an email to Governor O’Malley urging him to prevent these devastating cuts. Metro is a basic and essential service for the region’s economy. Metro will make its budget decision soon. Emails will also automatically be sent to the Metro board.

Longer Waits, Fewer Trains?
Polls show a clear majority of residents support more funding for Metro. Email Governor O’Malley today and urge them to listen to us and help save Metro service before it’s too late.signon
Photo by Flickr user mlcastle

Maryland Remains Non-Committal

The State of Maryland is saying they can’t afford to provide its share of the additional funding necessary to prevent drastic cuts in service. It is the joint responsibility of Metro jurisdiction governments – Maryland, D.C., Fairfax, Arlington and Alexandria – to collaboratively fund Metro. Metro is the region’s transit service that takes hundreds of thousands of area residents to and from their jobs, stores, appointments and school every day. We ask that the State of Maryland and all the member jurisdictions fulfill their responsibility to the region’s residents.

More Traffic, Longer Commutes, Lost Jobs?

The cuts that Metro is facing – detailed here – would not just be inconvenient, they would be devastating. Cuts will damage the economy, hurt local businesses, cause job losses (how will people 100% dependent on transit get to work?), increase traffic and discourage transit-oriented development, which has been key to revitalizing D.C. and the inner suburbs.

Just Monday, the Washington Post released a poll showing that a clear majority of area residents support new funding sources for Metro. Eighty percent of Metrorail riders rate the system as good or excellent. Sixty-two percent said that efforts to reduce traffic congestion should focus on public transportation.

It’s Not Too Late – Tell Governor O’Malley To Listen To Maryland Residents

It’s time for Governor O’Malley and all area government leaders to step up to the plate and preserve the system they have already built and over a million riders depend on every day. We’ve already submitted more than 2,000 petition signatures and 1,200 emails to leaders in Maryland, D.C., and Virginia, but we need more to get their attention. Please email Governor O’Malley one more time.

We recognize that all governments are strapped for money, but letting Metro service fall to below minimal levels – on top of charging riders higher fares – makes no sense. We need true leadership from Maryland, D.C., and Virginia in these challenging times. Instead of abandoning the system that we spent billions of dollars to create, we need to maintain it. Email Governor O’Malley today and remind him that Metro is still the best and safest ride around. Tell him what Metro means to you and ask for his leadership in supporting the necessary funding for Metro.

Thank you for your passionate support of our Metro system!


Rebecca Perring

Coalition for Smarter Growth


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