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April 10, 2010

Environmental Justice Issue, Concrete Recycling Plant in Prince George’s County

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I want to bring attention to an article in the Prince George’s County Gazette by Joshua Garner which I think highlights the environmental justice issues that some minority communities such as Temple Hills face with a landfill, and now a concrete recycling facility.  I wrote a column in 2009 about this.  Below are some excerpts from the Gazette article.

“Temple Hills residents whose homes are by a proposed concrete recycling facility took to the Prince George’s County Administration Building on Wednesday to protest the site, saying that it would worsen health quality in the adjacent communities.

The 13.1-acre site near Saint Barnabas Road is owned by Barnabas Road Associates and already contains a landfill. Residents have complained the existing landfill causes too much dust, environmental damage and respiratory problems for senior citizens at the nearby Manor at Victoria Park apartment complex — problems they say would only be exasperated by the recycling facility.”

“Give us a chance to breathe clean air,” said Manor resident Barbara Ann Kelley, 70, to the hearing examiner. “We want to live there in peace and not in bad conditions.”

Kelley said in the last few months, her breathing has worsened to the point where she can’t sleep well at night. Dust and dirt from the site, she said, blackens her windowsill and has increased her trips to the doctor.”


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