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June 1, 2010

Start of the Bonn Climate Talks

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The most recent round of climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany began yesterday.  Here is a statement by the World Wildlife Fund which explains the importance of these talks, and what they mean for addressing climate change.  It’s also posted below the video by Greenpeace International laying out the top three most important topics to address at Bonn

June vital month for

progress to low-carbon

future – WWF

Bonn, GermanyJune will be a watershed month for global efforts towards a low-carbon and climate resilient future, says WWF.

UN climate talks in Bonn starting today and the G8 and G20 summits later this month can create huge momentum towards a number of breakthroughs needed for a global climate agreement that would speed up the race to the low-carbon future.

“June is a turning point for climate politics after a period of confusion and soul-searching since Copenhagen, said Kathrin Gutmann, Head of Climate Policy, WWF Global Climate Initiative.

Copenhagen didn’t deliver the full treaty the world needs, but it brought us very close to agreement on a few crucial elements of the package, so Bonn is about picking things up where Copenhagen left them, for breakthroughs on these elements in Mexico later this year.”

In WWF’s view, negotiators in Bonn can push some important debates close to conclusion, e.g. on forest protection driven by carbon finance – the so called REDD+ agenda – and on creative financing for low-carbon action and climate resilience in developing countries.

We are at the verge of agreeing to stop deforestation and to gear up for dealing with a changing climate through adaptation”, says Gutmann.

Securing breakthroughs in these areas at the talks in Mexico this December would put the world in a good position to wrap such key elements into a global agreement at the next summit in South Africa in 2011, marking an important deadline as the Kyoto Protocol needs a new lease on life by 2012.”

WWF advocates a similar step by step approach to closing the gigatonne gap, a massive mismatch of emission reduction levels pledged by countries in the Copenhagen Accord and the levels that are actually needed to secure a climate resilient future.

Countries will win the gigatonne challenge if they speed up the low-carbon transformation of their economies, close the loopholes that undermine their national action plans, and work together to extend their transformative efforts to new sources of pollution that haven’t been regulated so far”, says Gutmann.

A fiesta in Mexico to blow away the post-Copenhagen blues will also depend on climate finance, putting the upcoming G8 and G20 summits in Canada into the spotlight.

Heads of States there are scheduled to identify new sources of finance like taxes on financial transactions or levies on emissions from unregulated sectors like shipping and aviation, and to discuss the switching of subsidies from polluting fossil fuels to innovative energy technologies – in order to marry their economic and environmental agendas and add momentum to the race towards the low-carbon future.

Using G8 and G20 to mobilize funds for clean development and the Bonn talks to sort out building blocks for a climate agreement will give the international community the important atmosphere of trust that got lost during the Danish disaster last December”, says Gutmann.

For further questions:

Christian Teriete, E: MACROBUTTON HtmlResAnchor, M: +852-93106805

Ashwini Prabha, E: MACROBUTTON HtmlResAnchor, M: +41-79-8741682

WWF experts available for interviews:

Kathrin Gutmann, Head of Policy, WWF Global Climate Initiative, E:, M: +49-151-18854928

Tasneem Essop, International Climate Policy Advocate, WWF South Africa, E:, M: +27-83-9986290

WWF media materials:

For more information on WWF’s climate policy visit: http://www.panda-org/climate

Follow our climate blog on: http://www.panda-org/climateblog

WWF’s analysis of the Copenhagen Accord:

WWF is a member of the Climate Action Network (CAN). CAN will run regular press conferences throughout Bonn that can be viewed at:

WWF activities in Bonn:

WWF will run the Climate Deal Oracle throughout the Bonn conference, a poll asking negotiators and observers when we should get and when we will get a global climate agreement. WWF will unveil the poll and an installation during a photo opportunity for press on Monday 31 May at 09.00 AM outside the Maritim Hotel (UNFCCC meeting venue), Bonn.

Together with partner NGOs, WWF will close the Bonn climate talks with a visual action on 11 June outside the Maritim Hotel, involving a giant dice and world leaders gambling with the climate. Exact time to be announced closer to the event.

WWF hosts an official side-event to promote the concept of Zero Carbon Action Plans (ZCAPs), on the basis of a master-plan for decarbonizing the German economy, called Blueprint Germany. The event takes place at Room Rail, Ministry of Transport, 1 June, 13:00-14:30. WWF invites press to attend briefings on this topic from 11:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 to 16:00 the same day. Exact venue to be announced.

WWF will launch various papers throughout the Bonn conference, e.g. on adaptation (2 June) and on measuring and verifying climate action (7 June). Details to follow.


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