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June 25, 2010

Join a Hands Across the Sand Action Tomorrow Morning

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Below is an e-mail from the Energy Action Coalition about a big opportunity to mobilize against offshore drilling and for moving to clean energy.  See below, and find an event near you.  I will be participating.


Tomorrow is going to be the biggest day of action against offshore drilling in history. From over 700 locations people will join the nationwide Hands Across The Sand demonstrations to call for shifting Big Oil handouts to clean energy investments that can move us beyond oil.

This couldn’t come at a more important time. Last week President Obama made a call for a historic shift in our dependence on dangerous dirty energy, but stopped short of action. Next week President Obama is meeting with Senate leadership to chart a new path for climate and energy legislation. Will he seize this moment and lead?

With the administration’s stance shifting daily, a loud call from us could make all the difference. Massive grassroots pressure and leadership from President Obama could be the difference between business-as-usual policies and sweeping reform.

Call President Obama to urge him to lead the Senate toward bold, comprehensive climate and energy legislation.

Current legislation allows for more offshore drilling and is riddled with handouts for Big Oil and Dirty Coal. This is unacceptable. In light of the Gulf oil disaster there’s a window of opportunity to get real and meaningful reform that would shift support to clean energy and put a strong cap on carbon pollution. We have to seize it, and so does President Obama.

Help flood the White House with calls to President Obama to seize this moment with us.

With people joining hands on beaches and main streets in over 700 locations, tomorrow is bound to be historic. This sort of leadership from the grassroots deserves to be met with leadership from President Obama and our Senators, but we’ve got to make sure they hear about it.

Join Hands Across The Sand and make a call to the White House to bring your voice to Washington, DC.

Together we made this tragedy a Crude Awakening, and tomorrow we’ll draw our line in the sand against Big Oil handouts.

With hope,

Whit Jones
Co-Field Director
Energy Action Coalition

PS – We need huge turnout at the Hands Across The Sand events tomorrow. Share this on Facebook and Twitter to get the word out: This Saturday is the biggest day against offshore drilling ever. Find an event to #JoinHands & demand clean energy!


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