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July 19, 2010

General Under Patraeus in Iraq Backs Clean Energy Plan


“It’s time for our senators to choose: Pass a clean energy climate plan that makes us more secure… or let America keep paying the price.”

WASHINGTON,DC – Brigadier General Steven Anderson (Ret.), Chief of Logistics inIraq under General David Petraeus, calls for the U.S. Senate to pass a Clean Energy plan in a new television ad launched today, citing how our dependence on oil has led to American deaths in the warzone.

The ad can be viewed here:

The television spot is an over half a million dollar buy on national cable, with versions of the ad running in four states – North Dakota, Arkansas, Virginia, and West Virginia.  The full script with backup is below.

In the ad, General Anderson says, “Our troops are getting killed moving fuel we wouldn’t need if our military was more efficient — and our enemies know we’re hooked on their oil…. That’s why breaking our addiction must not only be a military priority, but America’s mission, and why the Senate needs to pass a clean energy climate plan.”

“It’s time for our senators to choose: Pass a clean energy climate plan that makes us more secure… or let America keep paying the price,” he concludes.

General Anderson’s call for more energy independence and a move off of fossil fuels is the latest in a steady stream of both active and retired military calling for a clean energy revolution.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, a memo written by deputies of Major General Richard Zilmer in 2006 called for more renewable sources of energy, in a Priority One request to the Pentagon, writing, until such energy sources are made available, U.S. troops “will remain unnecessarily exposed” and will “continue to accrue preventable … serious and grave casualties”

This year, the Pentagon’s Quadrennial Defense Review cited global climate change as a security threat, stating, “Climate change and energy are two key issues that will play a significant role in shaping the future security environment. Although they produce distinct types of challenges, climate change, energy security and economic stability are inextricably linked.”  Additionally, the Pentagon has been “war gaming” the effects of climate change, to gauge the effect environmental strife would have on our own military’s commitments around the world.

And, earlier this year, a compelling poll ofIraq and Afghanistan veterans commissioned by, found that 73 percent of them support Clean Energy Climate Change legislation in Congress, 79 percent believe ending our dependence on foreign oil is important to national security.

General Anderson, a career military officer, retired from active duty in November 2009. During that time, he served on the Army Staff in the Pentagon as the Director, Operations and Logistics Readiness, Office of the Army Deputy Chief of Staff, and served five years as a general officer in the US Army, including 15 months as the senior US and coalition logistician in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom is a pro-military organization ofIraq and Afghanistan veterans, dedicated to the destruction of terror networks around the world, with force when necessary.  It primarily focuses on education and advocacy on issues of importance to the troops and veterans, and holding politicians accountable for their actions on these issues.



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