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August 4, 2010

Even Russia is Burning

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Typically when we think of Russia we think of Rocky IV where everything is frozen.  I’ve heard it mentioned before that Russia doesn’t have as much incentive to address greenhouse gas emissions because a warmer climate would actually stand to benefit them.  Well, now that Russia is discovering what it’s like to have a heat wave, perhaps they’ll be a little more receptive to the notion that there is such a thing as too hot.

See the Washington Post article “Think Smog from Raging Wildfires Engulfs Moscow” to see that I mean.  A couple excerpts are below.

“Moscow was engulfed Wednesday by the thickest blanket of smog yet this summer, an acrid, choking haze from wildfires that have wiped out Russian forests, villages and a military base.”

“Russia is suffering through its worst heat wave on record, a condition that has sparked forest and peat fires across its central and western regions that have killed at least 48 people in the past week.

Over the last 24 hours, firefighters have extinguished 293 fires, but 403 others have been spotted and more than 500 others have continued to rage over large swathes of countryside, some of them out of control, the Emergencies Ministry said.

Dry winds have sent clouds of smog over Moscow before, but Wednesday’s was the worst yet, with the haze obscuring the capital’s landmarks and penetrating the subway system.

Moscow’s 10 million residents were cautioned to protect themselves against the polluting smog, which came from wildfires in forests and peat bogs to the south and east. The bogs were drained in Soviet times to harvest peat, leaving them prone to wildfires.”

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