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October 19, 2010

No on Prop 23 Battle Gets Big Boost from James Cameron, Google

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The No on Prop 23 battle being waged in California against the oil industry sponsored initiative to gut California’s global warming law is very fascinating.  While environmentalists and their organizations are fighting tooth and nail, the clean tech industry in California has grown to be a formidable foe to the fossil fuel industry.  They are matching big oil dollar for dollar, and then some!  Hopefully as the clean energy industry grows in other states, it will gain the kind of influence we’re seeing in California…an influence that can stand toe to toe with the fossil fuel special industry.  A recent poll shows voters are 45-34 in opposition!  The campaign to stop Prop 23 received a nice boost of recent, according to Todd Woody on Grist…

“Since Thursday, the No on 23 forces have raised more than $7.3 million as the Silicon Valley-Hollywood-environmental-industrial complex revved up for the final push before Election Day on Nov. 2.

The Yes campaign’s take since Thursday? $10,000.”

“Avatar director James Cameron attracted the most attention with his $1 million donation on Friday. But Gordon Moore, the legendary co-founder of chip giant Intel, also dropped $1 million into the No coffers that day, and so did Pacific Gas & Electric ($250,000), California’s largest utility and a leading proponent of climate change legislation. Google co-founder Sergey Brin also donated $200,000 on Thursday, and an organization of Silicon Valley tech companies contributed $125,000.

On Tuesday, a group of some 66 investors controlling more than $400 billion in assets are scheduled to hold a press conference to announce their opposition to Prop 23.

In the meantime, national environmental groups and non-profits continued to pour cash into the No campaign last week. The National Wildlife Federation contributed $3 million on Friday. ClimateWorks Foundation, a San Francisco non-profit, gave $900,000. New York’s Rockefeller Family Fund kicked in $300,000 on Thursday and the Natural Resources Defense Council, a top No on 23 donor, added $300,000 more Friday.”

Want to help?

  1. Visit the “No on 23″ website, learn the facts & sign up:
  2. Educate yourself on how California’s climate & energy laws have created companies & jobs:
  3. Tell your friends by email, on Facebook, at work, & everywhere else.
  4. Participate in the debate. Write letters to the editor and post comments on blogs & websites.
  5. Contribute (click here). The other side’s leader, right-wing California Assemblyman Dan Logue, has publicly said he expects the oil companies to spend $50 million.

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  1. Will the polls showing Prop 23 going down by a large margin, why don’t some of these late contributors put their money where it will really help now; into the campaigns of democrats that are fighting to remain in Congress to help protect the environment and shift our energy use away from fossil fuels — like Congressman Jerry McNerney and Senator Barbara Boxer, both from California. I know there are many others in other states fighting tough battles.

    Comment by Ellie K. — October 20, 2010 @ 1:11 pm | Reply

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