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October 26, 2010

Repower America’s Smart Use of Online Media

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Photo from Repower America blog

I love this move by the new media people over at Repower America.  They’ve bought up a bunch of websites that say “Yes on Prop 23” which then redirect visitors to a website explaining why Prop 23 is a bad for California’s clean energy economy.  Below is a repost of their announcement of this great tactic.

The backers of the Yes on Proposition 23 campaign in California have plenty of reasons to be embarrassed:

· Their key talking points are based on lies.
· An overwhelming majority of their funding comes from oil and coal companies.
· Some of their key organizers are actually proud to be funded by out-of-state oil companies.
· Their advertisements are designed to mislead Californians.

Even more embarrassing is the fact that their entire campaign is based on a falsehood. While the Yes on 23 campaign claims that the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 is harmful to the economy, they’ve got it completely backward: clean energy solutions that help solve the climate crisis are actually beneficial to California’s economy. To help them out, the Climate Protection Action Fund has developed some new websites the Yes on Prop 23 campaign may want to consider directing their supporters to:


The new Yes on Prop. 23 sites read, “This is really embarrassing. We’ve just realized that Prop. 23 is a bad idea. It turns out you can solve the climate crisis and create jobs at the same time.”




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