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November 24, 2010

Rep. Inglis attacks GOP on climate change

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This video with Bob Inglis has been making the rounds over the last week for his excellent commentary on why the United States needs action on global warming and clean energy legislation, as well as some choice words for his Republican colleagues.  Since this video has come out, Inglis has given more interviews about the importance of global warming solutions.  Unfortunately, Inglis lost his Republician primary earlier this year, but he may be looking to fill a new role as a leading conservative voice on climate solutions, green jobs, and energy security.

This bold rhetoric from Inglis raises a larger question… how can the climate movement create space for conservative voices like Inglis who are excellent at speaking to the climate issue in a way that can resonate with a broader spectrum of the American public?  Given the structure of the US political system, climate solutions from the Federal government will require some Republican support for the foreseeable future.

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