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Me in the Media

During the 2009 Climate Legislation Hearings

The following is a collection of op-eds, news articles, prominent blog hits that I have written or been quoted/mentioned in relating to the environment, clean energy and politics.


Clean Air Act: Protecting the Green Initiatve

Conservation: Putting Away Childish Things (6/3/2010)

Dernoga: The Gravity of Writing (5/11/2010)

Oil Spill Op-Ed Attacking Fossil Fuels (5/4/2010)

Volt: Test-driving the Comeback Car (4/27/2010)

Energy Legislation: Time to Clean Up (4/20/2010)

Glickman: Credit Where It’s Due (4/13/2010)

EPA: Reaching the Mountaintop (4/6/2010)

East Campus: Make it a Beast Campus (3/30/2010)

Mote: Good for the environment…on paper (3/23/2010)

Clean Energy: Picking Up the PACE (3/8/2010)

Environmentalism and Religion: The climate of faith (3/1/2010)

Clean Energy Education: RE-ENERGYSE America (2/23/2010)

Supreme Court: Democracy for Sale (2/17/2010)

Solar Backpacks: Yes, they are awesome (2/2/2010)

Clean Energy: Cut the Red Tape (1/26/2010)

The Wooded Hillock: Our Tipping Point (12/14/20009)

Copenhagen and Climate: Going All-in ( 11/30/2009)

MAPP and PATH: Time to Draw the Line (11/24/2009)

GOOD Magazine: The GOOD Guide to COP15: Dispatches from the Future, Today (11/17/2009)

Nuclear Energy: Don’t Believe the Sticker Price (11/17/2009)

City Council: More Than Who You Side With (11/3/2009)

Mattawoman: Constructing or Destructing (10/27/2009)

Campaign Slogans: Making it Memorable (10/14/2009)

Clean Energy: Betting on the Future (10/6/2009)

Energy: Feeding the beast (9/22/2009)

Engaged University: Too Important to Lose (9/15/2009)

Washington Post Letter to the Editor on Climate Legislation (9/4/2009)

Shortened work weeks: Take a Day Off (9/1/2009)

Letter to the Editor in the Prince Georges Gazette on Climate Legislation (8/28/2009)

Transit: Gas Tax (8/13/2009)

Burned by the Press (7/23/2009)

Chesapeake Bay: Speake of the Devil (7/9/2009)

Op-Ed on the Waxman-Markey climate legislation (6/18/2009)

Mountaintop Removal: No Science, ethics (6/4/2009)

The Death of Coal (5/11/2009)

Clean energy: Make the case before it’s too late (5/5/2009)

Native Americans: Power for the persecuted (4/28/2009)

Green jobs and government grants: Get what’s yours (4/21/2009)

City Council: Encourage Adolescent Activity (4/14/2009)

Crime: Get to the root of it – and green it up (4/10/2009)

The environment: I hate it a whole lot (April Fools Day)

State politics: Moving the movers and shakers (3/24/2009)

Energy: A tar-nished reputation (3/3/2009)

Sustainability: Plan to talk or plan for a fight (2/24/2009)

Two Part Series on Diversity in the Environmental Movement: Environmentalism: Why’s the green so white?, Green diversity : Cross cultures, save the world (2/10 and 2/17 2009)

DOTS: Lowering emissions has a high price (2/3/2009)

Environmental stimulus: Thinking like it’s 1999 (1/27/2009)

Settling for Compromises in Environmental Policy Discussions (12/15/2008)

Climate change: It has to start at home (12/9/2008)

Power line construction: An indecent proposal (12/2/2008)

Protests: Lobbying will take you far, but only so far (11/24/2008)

Energy consumption: Save a tree, save a dollar (11/17/2008)

Urban sprawl: Why we need to keep it all together (11/10/2008)

Environmental education: Go green with watcha got (10/27/2008)

Nuclear power: Turn to better alternatives (10/21/2008)

Roads: Mixed-up priorities hurt Route 1 (10/13/2008)

Clean coal: A down and dirty affair (10/6/2008)

Slots: We may win, but at what cost? (9/30/2008)

Carpooling: Just connect the DOTS (9/23/2008)

Energy: Get gone, gas guzzlers (9/16/2008)

Powervote: Greener on Both Sides (9/9/2008)

Mountaintop Removal: Going Topless (9/2/2008)

Olympic Heroine (5/13/2008)

Revisiting Arithmetic (4/28/2008)

Don’t Swallow the Grenade (4/15/2008)

Mass Transhit (4/2/2008)

Gravity is a Hoax! (3/3/2008)

News Articles Where I’m Quoted or Mentioned

The Diamondback: Cardin Pushes for Clean Energy Legislation (4/26/2010)

The Prince Georges Gazette: UM Student Group Wants Greener East Campus (4/8/2010)

The Diamondback: East by Ecofriendly (4/6/2010)

The PublicAsian: China, India pledge clean energy after Copenhagen talks to reduce emissions (March, 2010)

The Diamondback: Activists Work to Build City Coalitions (2/2/2010)

The Diamondback: A Green Team Effort (12/13/2009)

The Diamondback: A Greenhouse Effect (12/8/2009)

Washington Post: U-Md. students urge College Park to create tax credit for ‘green’ firms (11/26/2009)

Prince Georges Gazette: UM students urge tax help for green businesses (11/26/2009)

UMD for Clean Energy Makes Waves on the City Council (11/19/2009)

The Diamondback: Green Student Activists Plan Election Day March (11/2/2009)

The Diamondback: Students Advocate Wind Energy (10/9/2009)

The Diamondback: Questions Delay Green Loan Program (10/7/2009)

The Diamondback: Wojahn Advocates Energy Efficiency Fund (10/6/2009)

The Diamondback: Students to Promote Environmental Issues in City Elections (9/15/2009)

The Diamondback: Taking Advantage of Environmental Momentum (5/12/2009)

Noteworthy Blog Mentions

Wonk Room: The WonkLine (6/16/2010)

The Energy Collective: Update: Graham Withdraws Support for Climate Legislation (4/24/2010

Consequence Campaign: On Campus, Students Step Up For a Strong Climate Bill (4/20/2010)

Planet Forward’s “Sex, Drugs, and Climate Change” (3/3/10)

University of Maryland and University of Wisconsin-Madison Join Call to RE-ENERGYSE America (2/23/2010)

Wonk Room: Obama Explains Global Boiling To Conservatives (2/19/2010)

Get Energy Smart Now: Bin Laden’s distorted world view and distorted view of climate change (1/29/2010)

Get Energy Smart Now: The threat of an unknowing vote to destroy the planet (1/15/2010)

Media and Messaging: The Multiplier Effect: Get Energy Smart Now, Itsgettinghotinhere, Votable (1/13/2010)

Get Energy Smart Now: Scientists find MTR war systematically dangerous (1/7/2010)

Through a Green Lens: Climategate – what you need to know (12/6/2009)

EnviroKnow: Swifthack Scandal, What You Need to Know (11/25/2009)

The Power Line: Another View from the University of Maryland (11/24/2009)

The Harvest Collective: Matt Dernoga asked me to give a speech at The University of Maryland (11/5/2009)

EnviroKnow: NY-23 Candidate Bill Owens on Clean Energy (10/31/2009)

Climate Progress: UMD College Park students aim to bring clean energy to Prince Georges County (9/17/2009)

Get Energy Smart Now: MTR from some security guards’ perspective (9/14/2009)

Get Energy Smart Now:Stop the Presses: Bipartisan sanity on Green Jobs and Helping American Homeowners (9/14/2009)

Just Up the Pike: Green for College Park Unites (9/10/2009)

Maryland Politics Blog: University of Maryland Environmental Student Group to Launch Fall Campaign (9/2/2009)

Climate Progress: Japanese opposition easily wins elections- running on a much stronger climate target (8/30/2009)

The Atlantic Wire: What’s the Deal with High-Speed Trains? (8/25/2009)

EnviroKnow: Clean Energy to Senator Ben Cardin (8/21/2009)

Get Energy Smart Now: Blogging about WashPost OPED Editing: Inane or Insane? (8/1/2009)

Bay Daily: Confiscate the Bay License Plates of Sprawl Highway Supporters (7/10/2009)

NWF: Kicking off the Teach-in at The University of Maryland (2/7/2009)

The Power Line: A View from the University of Maryland (12/2/2008)

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