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August 10, 2010

Moscow Death Rate Doubles From Heat, Smog

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I wrote a few days ago that the situation in Moscow was out of control and I’m afraid it isn’t getting any better. ¬†The death rate has now doubled

“Moscow’s death rate has doubled, a city health official said today, as a nearly unprecedented heat wave and acrid smog from wildfires grip the capital, causing tens of thousands to flee.

“On normal days, between 360 and 380 die. Now it’s around 700,” Moscow’s health chief, Andrei Seltsovsky, told the Interfax news agency, according to several media reports.

The capital has 1,500 places available in its morgues, and 1,300 of them are now filled, he said, blaming the heat wave and pollutants for the deaths.”

“Today the head of the state weather service, Alexander Frolov, said the heat wave was the worst in 1,000 years of recorded Russian history, with temperatures above 95 degrees forecast for Moscow until Thursday.

A total of 557 wildfires continued to blaze today in Russia, mostly in the west, the emergencies ministry said, 25 of them burning peat bogs, and 10,000 firefighters are backing up soldiers trying to bring the blazes under control. The ministry said the death toll is at least 52.”

No singular event can be attributed to global warming, but in a year that’s shaping up to be the hottest on record, follow a decade that was the warmest on record, and freak disasters happening all over the globe (China’s ridiculous flooding14 million affected by flood in Pakistan….drought contributing to a $15 billion price tag for Russia), we are seeing a glimpse of what a chaotic climate will look like. ¬†Freak disasters, extreme rain, extreme drought, food shortages, and government unequipped to handle it.

Perhaps the US Senate should re-convene and take a second look at that climate bill?

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