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August 17, 2010

Pat Michaels admits: ’40 percent’ of funding comes from big oil

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Climate skeptic/delayer of action Pat Michaels of the Cato Institute….

March 3, 2010

Climate Denial Resolution in Maryland General Assembly

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Of course, it’s sponsored by all Republicans, and Republican legislators really don’t have much to do in our General Assembly since there are so few of them.  Maryland passed one of the strongest bills in the country addressing greenhouse gas emissions last year.

Still, this resolution provides ample reason for why Democrats should keep their large margins in the House, Senate, and Governorship in 2010.  I’m not sure if the Republicans in office in Maryland know how to govern, they’re too busy writing meaningless resolutions that aren’t going to see the light of day, let alone the floor.

In fact, they’re so lazy, they didn’t even write their own resolution denying global warming, they just plagiarized the same resolution Utah’s state legislature passed.  Utah resolution, Maryland resolution.  Here’s how they both open, just to drive the point home…

“MARYLAND: “WHEREAS, Email and other communications between climate researchers around the globe discovered as part of the recent “climate-gate” controversy indicate that there is a well-organized and ongoing effort to manipulate global temperature data and incorporate tricks to substantiate the theory of climate change … “

“UTAH: “WHEREAS, emails and other communications between climate researchers around the globe, referred to as ‘Climategate,’ indicate a well organized and ongoing effort to manipulate global temperature data in order to produce a global warming outcome … “

One of the co-sponsors of this legislation, Delegate Ron George (R-30) is rightfully being attacked by a challenger Judd Legum over the issue.  Here is an excerpt from his petition against this.

“A few days ago, Delegate Ron George co-sponsored a resolution in Maryland’s General Assembly stating that climate change is a “conspiracy” and urging the Environmental Protection Agency to “immediately halt” all efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Besides ignoring the overwhelming consensus among the world’s climate scientists, George is advancing a position with disastrous consequences locally for the Chesapeake Bay:

— Increased carbon dioxide concentrations can increase algae blooms, which are the source of large “dead zones” in the Chesapeake Bay. [Source]

— Many of the most effective agricultural practices to sequester carbon — such as forest buffers, no-till farming and cover crops — are also essential to improving water quality in the Chesapeake Bay. [Source]

In a time of economic challenge, Maryland can’t afford to allow the Chesapeake Bay to continue to degrade. The Bay is Maryland’s most valuable economic resource: driving commerce, buttressing property values and attracting tourists.

We need to dispense with far-right ideology and focus on our shared goals in Maryland.


See Planet Forward and Wonk Room for more on these resolutions.

January 30, 2010

Bin Laden joins the Climate Debate, Deniers Rejoice

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Bin Laden has attacked the US and industrialized nations for their greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, and calls for the wheels of the American economy to be brought to a halt to stop global warming.

This month is getting even better as it draws to a close!

As soon as I saw this, I figured the conservatives were going to have a field day, and it turns out they’ve stooped low enough to go beyond the usual absurdity of loose guilt by character association, to guilt by issue association.  Apparently, if you believe that rising greenhouse gas emissions are causing dangerous global warming and must be reduced, then you’re in the same camp as a madman terrorist who shoots off rants in the form of tape recordings about all sorts of things.  This is supposed to de-legitimize the argument that we should reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A couple of points.

1.  Everyone could play the guilt by issue association game all day long.  There are rational people who oppose abortion because of their values, and I can respectfully disagree with them.  There are also incidents where maniacs bomb abortion clinics, and kill abortion doctors.  There are people who peacefully march in the streets and lobby their congressman.  There are those who interrupt every Obama public speech screaming and shouting and getting dragged out of the room.  It would be unreasonable and unfair for me to lump every opponent of abortion into the camp of the few who bomb clinics and kill doctors.  It would be unfair for Americans to lump every Islāmic person into the same ideological camp as Osama Bin Laden just because they are both Muslim.  Likewise, it’s very unfair for anyone to lump advocates for a clean energy economy and for preventing catastrophic climate change in the same camp with a terrorist who went on a one-time rant on emissions.  Any rational person should be able to see that.

2.  The notion that Bin Laden actually wants the US to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is laughable.  Obviously, his prescription for doing it, halting the American economy, would not solve the issue.  The way to address emissions is to transition away from our dependence on the fossil fuels of oil and coal, and increase our production of clean, renewable forms of energy, which would create millions of green jobs, save money on energy, and actually grow the American economy.  If I wanted to play the same association game conservatives like Rush Limbaugh are with Bid Laden’s statements, his perspective on reducing emissions is in line with conservatives, that lowering emissions will crash the economy.  It seems foolish to me that conservatives would point to Bin Laden’s remarks as a way to legitimize their argument, since it can so easily be turned on them.  Building off this point, one of the great concerns about our dependence on foreign oil is that we’re sending hundreds of billions of dollars overseas, some of which falls into the hands of terrorists that want to kill us.  If you oppose reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and you oppose producing clean energy to replace fossil fuels like oil, you are playing right into the terrorists hands, because they want us to stay dependent on the status quo.  So long as we are addicted to oil, they have a big upper hand which they can exploit.

Bin Laden certainly wants the US to stay addicted to oil, and the real reason he is likely making those comments is to cause enough turmoil to derail ongoing efforts by activists and Congress to get us off of oil.  Conservatives have just played right into Bin Laden’s hand.

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December 10, 2009

Christopher Monckton calls Youth Climate Activists “Hitler Youth” Again!

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For a full 6 minutes, this guy calls youth climate activists at Copenhagen “Hitler Youth”.  Completely outrageous!  This guy needs to hire a publicist.

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