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March 8, 2009

Economist Shines Light on “Clean Coal”

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So there is a great article by the economist exposing all of the problems of “clean coal”, and why it’s really a pipe dream.  I would prefer to call it “slightly less dirty coal” coming to you in the far off future.

This is the only quote I need to take from the article

“Despite all this enthusiasm, however, there is not a single big power plant using CCS anywhere in the world. Utilities refuse to build any, since the technology is expensive and unproven. Advocates insist that the price will come down with time and experience, but it is hard to say by how much, or who should bear the extra cost in the meantime. Green pressure groups worry that captured carbon will eventually leak. In short, the world’s leaders are counting on a fix for climate change that is at best uncertain and at worst unworkable.”

Also here are a couple of columns by myself showing just how much of a farce this is

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